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plan, produce, promote, productize strategy
Secret Broadcaster Software
learn power on one-person TV Studio Broadcaster Livestreaming software Xsplit
Broadcast Live Everywhere
how to use Xsplit and Restream.io to broadcast
how to do Live TV from TV Channel everywhere
TV Show Everywhere
How to use TV Show over 10 media platforms
How to use TV Show to attract Influencers to connect and
want you on their TV or podcast or other platforms
Monetizing your TV ChannelEasy TV Show Blueprint

Plan Produce Publish Promote Repurpose

Power of Broadcaster Livestreaming Software

Broadcast Live Everywhere

FB Live Youtube Restreamio OneStreamLive

TV Show Everywhere


Monetizing your TV Show



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Easy TV Show Blueprint

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Easy TV Show Blueprint  step by step – 5 videos

Video 1 Plan

Video 2 Produce

Video 3 Publish

Video 4 Promote

Video 5 Re-purpose


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Strategies to monetize, leverage, repurpose a tv show considerations for planning TV Show format

A. Easy TV Show Episode Challenge Information

B. Easy TV Show Information

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C. Ultimate TV Channel Information and apply