Your Homework Before We Meet:

Critical Next Steps Before Your Call

Step #1: What You Need to Know Before We Speak

Welcome Video and what to do next-to do 

Thanks for booking this call with our team!

Before your call, a member of our team will check out your application answers, and if we don't feel we can help you, we'll let you know.

We want this call to be a good use of your time, and of the time of the team member talking with you.

On your call, we'll evaluate your current situation,  take a look at what you want to achieve, and see how a TV Show can help you in your business.

If we feel we can help you, we'll give you an opportunity to work with us,

If we feel we cannot help you, we'll let you know, and possibly recommend another course of action for you.

Step #2: Prepare for the Call

So, have a quick look at the Easy TV Show Blueprint Program outline to see where you need to learn more.

As well, as the Ultimate TV Channel System Program so we can start on the same page and ask questions about it.

Here is the

Easy TV SHOW Blueprint to download    and  the Easy TV Show Workbook that you can glance at to see some ideas about producing your own strategic easy TV SHOW that you can monetize, leverage and repurpose!

Step 3: Watch These Videos Before Our Call

Have a look at these videos before our call as it may answer some of your questions, intrigue you and give you more ideas on how to use a TV Show in your business!

Easy TV Show Blueprint 20 minute training on the 5 steps to get a TV Show in your business to:

  • monetize it to generate revenue for your business
  • leverage it to connect with people in your industry and be seen as an Influencer
  • re-purpose it in all the media platforms to be SEEN EVERYWHERE!

Check out some of the strategies here as well I expect you can figure out more ways to use your TV Show for your business!


Did you see this 20 minute Training on Why to put a TV Show in your Business?

The 3 Reasons to have a TV Show in your business.

How easy it is to produce a TV Show with the Broadcaster software I use?

How it isn't a lot of work or time if you use the Easy TV Show Blueprint strategically?

Once you see the Broadcaster software I use and how easy it is you'll understand the freedom of being able to produce your own TV Show with you yourself and you 🙂

Also the Secret of Livestreaming should excite you also about having a TV Show but we can talk about that on our call.

Why have your Business on On Demand Streaming TV?

On this presentation (only 8 minutes) I go over the benefits to have your business on Streaming TV. A new technology not known 10 years ago but there are many reasons to have your business there as it is here to stay!