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JGardner Marketing Ltd. is a company that loves video and video marketing, production, television production and helping others local businesses to get onto the internet to reach, educate and sell to  more customers using video production.

Jane Gardner , President of JGardner Marketing Ltd. is on a mission to get all local businesses to realize the power of the internet for their business to increasing their customers, clients and strategic partnerships all over the world through video.

Jane Gardner , the Former Shy Girl who Broadcasts Better than Celebrities, would never have guessed she would be doing television broadcasting now as she has always avoided the camera during her life.

Are you Invisible?

You have a mission you want to share.

Time to get yourself on video.

Share your message.

Attract your audience to your mission.

I was born shy and I never thought I would be on camera. I was always taking the pictures and avoiding family pictures. If you had told me 10 years ago that I would be doing video without makeup to make a point, I would have laughed at you.

But that is my mission.

I don't wear makeup on video, I make mistakes and I flub and don't edit my video to prove that anyone can do video.

So why aren't you?

Now, I do have a secret weapon which allows me to control my look and I will be sharing a few of my secrets on my  Masterclass above , "Go from Invisible to the Only Expert in your Industry with a Show"  Check it out above.


I am a T.V. Producer and I work along side businesses such as yourselves to enhance your brand awareness, authority and more importantly leads and TRAFFIC!

I have created and managed television channels on two of the biggest ON DEMAND TV channel platforms, Amazon Fire TV and Roku.

VBTVN Logo 2
Some of the TV SHOW on ROKU and AMAZONFIRE
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I leaped into the opportunity to be a Direct Publisher with my own The Visibility Broadcasting TV Network with four TV Channels on Roku and AmazonFire and more coming in 2022.

I realized while working in this new Media there are strategies to have an Easy TV SHOW BLUEPRINT to monetize, leverage and re-purpose the TV SHOW to be seen everywhere on the internet. 

There is FREE training here on the 5 Steps for an Easy TV SHOW BLUEPRINT HERE.   

As well when developing and broadcasting the TV CHANNELS on ROKU and AMAZONFIRE I have developed the ULTIMATE TV CHANNEL SYSTEM  to have a TV CHANNEL that can bring revenue  into your business and bring new prospects and clients. There is free training here on Discovering the Secret to Unlimited Exposure, Credibility and Leads from leveraging your own TV channel .......    Enjoy!

Are YOU................


A Coach?

Easy TV SHOW BLUEPRINT will  attract clients to your business and get you seen as the EXPERT in your industry. You will make connections and grow your business internationally!


Are you a Speaker?

The Easy TV SHOW BLUEPRINT will get you a TV SHOW that showcases your Expertise and create awareness internationally to get more bookings!


Are you a Consultant?

You can leverage the EASY TV SHOW BLUEPRINT to connect with clients and interview them on your SHOW while showcasing your Knowledge of your industry!

local store

Are you a "Brick and Mortar" LOCAL Consultant?

then a TV CHANNEL will solve the invisibility and marketing problems for your LOCAL COMMUNITY



Are you a FAITH BASED organization

that wants to make it easy for your members to participate in your events and you communicate easily and get new members worldwide

then a TV CHANNEL is the solution


Is your Association or Chamber looking to communicate with your members and get new members

Is your Association or Chamber of Commerce wanting to  add additional revenue?


house on a hill

Are you a Real Estate Company?

You want to reach an international audience easily while promoting your company?


Are you a Travel Company?

You want to promote your  travel destinations and get a loyal audience to watch your TV presentations with a TV Show?


Are you a Film or Multimedia Production Company?

You want to promote your client's work and make connections with international distributors and clients?


Are you a Book Publisher?

You want to promote your authors and their books while attracting readers and new authors?


Are you a Gym Owner?

You can have Virtual Studio on TV just like the big companies with very low tech and no hassle!


Are you a School that wants to have a place on TV to showcase your sport teams activities and promote your courses?



Are you a Music Producer or Independent Musician?

non profit speaking

Are you a Non-Profit looking to spread your Mission?


Conference Centre and Arenas with your own TV Channel?

The Business of HomeBased BusinessTV

HomeBiz Startup TV

Finding your Purpose TV

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