Local Brick and Mortar have a TV Show to Attract New Customers

What would it be like to be able to share your knowledge on a TV Show where you share tips and techniques for anyone watching to take action and they get results!

As a Local Business with a Brick and Mortar Store, you haven’t been on the internet that much but you know you need to connect with new customers. So you’ve put up a website where people can shop online and learn more about the products and services you sell. Now, what do you think if you had your own TV Show showcasing your business?

Well, with your own TV Show, you can have segments in your show where you showcase your products or services.

For example,

You could create a TV Show about your Product or Services and do trainings and interview other experts.

Your Unique Handcrafted Store  TV 

Well, how about a “Your Unique Handcraft TV “  show where every week you profile or demonstrate your products. There could be news about whats happening with unique handcrafts in your community.  Now this can be an easy process if you design it right by using the Easy TV Blueprint strategy which you can get here by download.

With the “Unique Handcrafted Store ” TV Channel, you can sell TV Show spots for other artisans or artists to be on your TV Channel.

Even possibly create a co-operative or association of the members for the businesses you attract.

Create a Community TV Channel with other stores and business providing news and what’s happening events on the Channel. You as the owner of the TV Channel would be paid monthly for each TV Show that shows on your TV Channel.

Now with a TV Show there are over 40 million subscribers on Roku and Amazon Fire who are looking for content to watch. There is an international reach with the United States the majority of subscribers but moving into more markets and four languages English French Portuguese and Spanish

You could have celebrity status, in comparison to your competitors,  if you use the Easy TV Show Blueprint (get here if you don’t have it) and re-purposing your TV show into other media formats including podcast, magazine or on your website.

Feel free to talk to me about TV Show and what it takes by Scheduling a Call.

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