An Easy TV Show Episode in 5 Weeks

Have you ever thought how great it would be to have prospects chasing you as the Expert ?

Have you dreamed of being able to promote your business to a worldwide market without spending a lot of money?

Have you had a secret desire to be seen as Expert able to share your knowledge and wisdom  on your own TV Show and being interviewed on other media platforms from podcasts to Facebook Groups?


Hi, I'm Jane Gardner and I am a TV Producer who has 3 Television Shows on the Streaming TV platforms Roku and AmazonFire.

I am opening up a new TV Channel "Business Success TV" channel to entrepreneurs who want to be showcase their brand with a unique TV Show episode. 

An Easy TV Show in 5weeks roadmap

An Easy TV Show In 5 weeks,

We go through the 9 STEP EASY TV SHOW ROADMAP to create your own unique TV Show format. There are requirements unique to Streaming TV and we go over how to monetize, leverage and re-purpose your TV Show format in all your media platforms.



Define TV Show Format

Follow Streaming TV Rules and Guidelines

Define monetization methods


Define Audience

Define Call To Actions

Develop website to collect Leads


Develop Ideal Influencers to network with

Develop Strategic partnership strategy

Develop Guest Guidelines and strategy



Minimum Studio Equipment and Software

Broadcasting Software and Tools

Your Image


Invitation and Checklist for Guests


Graphics and Video Pre-production


Guests and Host preparation

Show production

Post Show Production


7. Your TV Show LIVE

Prepare Graphics Description Video for Streaming TV

Prepare Press Release to Schedule Live TV

Confirm Schedule Live on TV


Press Release

Promote Show Live on Social Media

Show Release onto Website /Landing Page for Leads on Website


How to Re-purpose your Show Strategy

Podcast How To

Magazine How To

What is Included?

  • Weekly Live Video Training and replays
  • Weekly Questions and Answer Zoom Live and email access
  • How-To Video Lessons for Technology and software
  • Easy TV Show Blueprint Workbook , checklists, scripts to develop your Easy TV Show Blueprint and 12 months content ideas
  • If desired, a TV Show where we interview you about your business so you can see how easy it can be with an easy tv show blueprint.
  • A private one hour call with Jane Gardner to see what you need and strategy for your TV Show idea

An easy TV Show Episode in 5 Weeks

Now within 5 weeks

You will have the tools, checklists, trainings and TV Show format you want in an Action Plan and the potential interviewee  you want to invite and studio setup ideas.


Once your TV Show episode is ready for publishing, it will be uploaded to the Business Success TV Channel and we will support your Show with promotion and re-purposing strategy.


To give entrepreneurs an opportunity to see what it is like to have a TV Show on Streaming TV this is a unique way to showcase you as well as Business Success TV channel to your clients.


This is a limited exclusive opportunity to be on TV so I have made this offer unique.  This is a beta program , this program will sell for $500 in the future.


  1. The Easy TV Show  in 5 weeks Training                                             $197

  2. To Publish your TV Show Episode on The VBTVn   for a Year           $100

An Easy TV SHOW in 5 Weeks Program 



  • The Easy TV Show  in 5 Weeks Training is required before you can publish your TV Show Episode on the Business Success TV channel.
  •  The Publish your TV Show Episode is not paid until you create the TV Show Episode as I know that you may not produce and publish your Show  in only 5 weeks.
  • After taking the program you will know whether your TV idea would be appropriate for this network
  • The Visibility Broadcasting TV Network will have final approval of publishing your TV Show episode


If you are unable to complete the five weeks of training, email me at and if you need more support, we can talk; otherwise, full refund, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

After I go through the 5 weeks training, what  if I don't want to create a TV Show, what happens?

After the five weeks, you will have the skills, checklists and templates  to plan, produce, publish, promote and re-purpose  a SHOW that you can do on Facebook or Linkedin or Youtube Live,  if you don't want to do it on a TV Channel.

This is why the Fee to add your TV Show to a Streaming TV Channel is a separate fee because you may not want to create a show within 5 weeks. 

So , you just pay the $100 once you have produced your TV Show (email me later)  for a full year on one of the TV Channels in my network after you submit the show.

If your show doesn't fit my Show criteria as mentioned in the course then I'll assist you in finding another TV Channel more appropriate.  

Why are you charging a separate fee later for having the TV Show on your TV Channel?

Normally, with promotion and marketing and maintenance of a TV Channel, the monthly fee to have a TV Show on one of The Visibility Broadcasting TV Network channels is $200/month so this is a  special beta investment to publish a  TV Show on one of the Channels for a year.

3. What are the topics of your current TV Channels so I know if they are a good fit for my  TV Show?

So, the Visibility Broadcasting TV Network  vision  is to have a network of TV Channels that promote, celebrate and fulfill the dream of  the entrepreneurial spirit!  The Business of HomeBased Business TV Network, HomebizstartupTV, Finding Your Purpose TV and Business Success TV are about business. The Business Success TV has a "Spotlight" show where a business spotlights their own business so any topic/business could be spotlighted.

4. How does a TV Show fit into a TV Channel on your network?

So, streaming TV is different in that  on the TV Channel there are categories and each category has a row of TV Show Episodes that are in that category.  So, there is a category called "Mindset" and each TV Show episode that has that category tag will show in that row on TV.  There is further training on this concept in the course.

How long does a TV Show have to be,  to be a TV Show?

So, on Roku (especially) a TV Show episode has to be a minimum of 15 minutes long. Why? Because they will be showing their ads (if you agree) intermittent in the show. An ad could be at beginning before the show starts and then 15 minutes in.  So a TV Show has to be a minimum of 15 minutes long. The maximum I would recommend is 1 hour.  We will discuss further in the course.

6. What if I am interested in having my own TV Channel?

As a TV Channel is unique you will need to schedule a call with me so we can discuss your interest, show schedule and some additional training you will need to design and have a TV Channel. A TV Channel is customized to your business needs. A TV Channel can be monetized, leveraged and re-purposed in many other ways than a TV Show and I have a course on how-to do an ultimate tv channel system.

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