A Platinum TV Channel

Platinum TV Channel Setup Includes:

Channel Graphics and Information

See Minimum TV CHANNEL Channel Graphics and Information needed for Setup.

6 TV Show Episodes

15 TV Show Topic Rows -see video

Vanity Code

Livestream TV Show



Daily TV Show episode uploaded and Thumbnail 


Inclusion in The Visibility Broadcasting TV Network newsletter for Social Media and Medium.com

Monthly Press Release and Social Media Promotion

Spotlight on The Visibility Broadcasting TV Network

Interview on Business Success TV Channel

Youtube Channel Designed for TV Channel

TV Channel Page to include in your website


After a Year of daily TV Show episode release, you will have 385 TV Shows on the TV Channel, 375 social media posts and 12 VBTVnewsletters and 375 videos on your Youtube channel etc.

All TV Channels hosted on ROKU and  Amazonfire