Streaming Television on demand performance is changing Television habits

In the old days, Television defined our lifestyle watching habits. When television developed, people would watch Television based on how the Television networks decided what they were going to put on the network.  The networks paid attention to the habits and viewing habits of people but in the end, the networks kept shows on and […]

Great Youtuber sharing quality secrets for Audio/Video on Zoom calls


Live Event Masterclass with Xsplit

Are you planning to do a live event in the future on location? Have you considered using a powerful Broadcasting software like Xsplit to do interview and panel discussions on site? Check out this Xsplit Masterclass and learn about how easy it is to setup a on-location Live Event.   Everything you need to know […]


SoundProofing your Studio

Step in Front of the Camera Tips and Tricks – we are talking Sound. Ambient Sound in your Studio or Space. If you can hear a hiss or static or even the air conditioner when you record, you need to dampen the sounds in your room. Now, I had a noisy computer fan so I […]

step in front of camera with microphone

Sound off for Microphone

Step in Front of the Camera Tips and Tricks Sound You can have pixelated blurry image on camera – Don’t! You can have that grey white wall background. But if your voice can’t be heard because the sound is too quiet or WIFI is breaking it up, you won’t engage your viewer. So, what sound […]

step in front of camera with microphone

What needs to be Broadcast Quality for Streaming TV

Step in Front of the Camera So what do you think needs to be best quality to make your broadcast get a Star rating? Your look, your background, your camera quality, your sound or ? Over the last year on Zoom we have seen: Celebrities with grainy internet feed unkempt, no makeup and sitting in […]


Just Do It

Step in Front of the Camera – Memories! 2014 I did my 30 day video challenge in 2014! Just taking the first step and getting in front of the camera can be intimidating. It was so intimidating that I didn’t realize until afterwards that the fluorescent lighting would make me yellow! Tip one – Don’t […]


Step out in front of the Camera series

So, let’s talk about the Elephant in the Room – Why you aren’t on Camera – you know who you are….. you want to convey your message and mission but heaven forbid, you step in front of the camera! You and I may not be this girl in the photo but she is there to […]

non profit speaking

Are you a Non-Profit Organization who’d love to have a TV Channel to promote!

  Are you on the Board of a Non-Profit Organization and you are wondering how to connect to your audience with events and fundraisers being cancelled? Have you seen your local  news broadcaster or public broadcasting station promoting their own “app” to watch previous show episodes or catch up on the real news? Broadcasters are […]


Music Producers and Independent Musicians have your own TV Channel to showcase your music

Spotify™ no need when you have your own TV Channel! Not able to travel or book a tour right now, why not have your fans come to your TV Channel to watch performances and connect with your music. You’ve seen Netflix and binge watched so a Streaming TV Channel on Roku and Amazonfire can be […]