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Sound off for Microphone

Step in Front of the Camera Tips and Tricks


You can have pixelated blurry image on camera – Don’t!

You can have that grey white wall background.

But if your voice can’t be heard because the sound is too quiet or WIFI is breaking it up, you won’t engage your viewer.

So, what sound is adequate?

Let me say .

No – your webcam audio is totally inadequate.

No-your laptop audio is totally inadequate.

Your mobile phone speaker may work but it is sensitive to wind and other motion around it.

You need a Microphone that you can either hardwire into computer or use a USB connection or even (fancier) into audio system. You want to step out in front of camera and be the Expert you are – get yourself a microphone.

Next week, we will go through the different types of microphones and pros and cons of them but go out now and get a USB plugin microphone for your desktop or laptop computer. As humans, we engage and connect using Voice so make it the best quality it can be so people will listen to everything you have to say instead of struggling with snaps, crackles and jumps in transmission.

What microphone do you have?

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