SoundProofing your Studio

Step in Front of the Camera Tips and Tricks – we are talking Sound. Ambient Sound in your Studio or Space.
If you can hear a hiss or static or even the air conditioner when you record, you need to dampen the sounds in your room.
Now, I had a noisy computer fan so I did a simple “put a blanket over the computer while I recorded but that was a bit temporary solution. So, I had some styrofoam house insulation so i placed it between the computer and microphone.
If your studio space is seems to work for you, a more permanent solution would be to buy sound absorbing foam tiles and cover the walls with them or temporarily adhere to board and place.
It could be as simple as closing doors and windows and turning off fan while you record. If that works after you do a recording test then you don’t need to invest in soundproofing.
A new concept is a portable Sound Recording Vocal Booth Box which the microphone is placed so box envel3opes it and the super dense soundproof foam blocks out ambient noises from reaching the microphone. Now, if you and microphone are both on camera that won’t work as an option but I have managed to “hide” my microphone below me so it could work
Have you any advice on good soundproofing for your studio? #video #tv #ultimatetvchannesystem #broadcasting

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