Why to have a TV Show in your Business

20 minute Training on Leveraging your own TV Show in your Business

  1. 3 Reasons to have a TV SHOW
  2. Myth #1 - Its hard to get onto TV
  3. Myth #2 - Its hard to produce a TV show
  4. Myth #3 - It is a lot of work and time to produce a TV Show
  5. Secret 1 - Broadcaster Software
  6. Secret 2 - Easy TV Show Blueprint
  7. Secret 3 - Ultimate TV Channel System
  8. Secret 4 - Live TV

Welcome, welcome, welcome. This is Jane Gardner and welcome to the ultimate TV channel system. On today's training, we're going to be talking about the Easy TV Show blueprint. I know I help entrepreneurs like yourself develop a TV show blueprint that can be monetized, leveraged and brand you as an influencer. Yes, I know with your own TV show. So let's get started on our presentation and I'm going to be hanging out with you. So you're stuck with me. So let's get started. So I know what you're thinking. A TV show is a lot of work and a lot of money to do. But I'm going to show you a few secrets and strategies to have an easy TV show growing your business. So let's get started. I know you're curious how easy it is. So on today's training, I'm going to prove to you how easy it is to have your own TV show. So I have three shows on Amazon Fire and Roku.

They are the business of home based businessTV, HomebizstartupTV and my passion, which is personal development, Finding your Purpose TV. And we are going to have a look at you so imagine if you could have a TV studio like mine where you push a button to your next studio, where there's some video all lined up and ready to view right now, it looks like a picture, but we wait a little while. It'll be video as well.

You can have a look at training. We'll do a quick scene behind the scenes for you can have videos, details, and of course, you can do a presenetation like I'm doing. Now, imagine if you could do this all the time. Just whip from one studio to the next and boom, you know, at the next studio. One of the three secrets to having an easy TV show in your business is some special software I will talk about in a minute.

But the truth of the matter is, right now I am sitting in my basement, believe it or not, and we are going to prove that to you with a green screen. So as I said, anyone can do this. It's easy. I'm sitting in my basement using about 10 foot by 10 foot area of my basement, and I have a studio, which I think is pretty good looking. So there I've proved to you how easy it is.

And so let's go. And before I tell you the secrets of how to have an easy TV show, let me tell you three reasons why you should have a TV show. OK, so there's so much noise on the Internet now. Too many Web sites, too many opt in pages, too many influencers competing for your attention. That streaming TV like Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV are new media platforms that are growing exponentially right now. And they have a worldwide audience that is almost separate from the Internet.

You don't have to be on the Internet in order to go and watch Roku or Amazon fire. They've now got enabled TV monitors that you can just turn it on and go to Roko. So and there's a worldwide audience. They're looking for entertainment education and engaging shows to watch.

Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV have over 40 million subscribers each now in 2020. And we all know why. If someone watches you on TV, you have instant credibility and authority. You're seen as a trailblazing influencer who is willing to leap in and try the new medium while your competition are left behind on the social media platforms, which sometimes go down. With the Easy TV show blueprint, which you downloaded previously, you can figure out how your business can get more publicity leads and worldwide exposure that leads to potential clients searching you out as the expert.

OK, so you're still thinking a TV show is too hard to put together, too much work and too much time. So I'm going to prove to you how easy it can be to have a TV show put together. So let's say, first off, the myth that it's hard to get on TV. Well, I think I've already proven to you that I am already have channels on Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV. So obviously it's easy. They are a Roku Amazon fire and Apple are creating and buying good quality TV shows. And you all know from your looking and watching at them and bingeing and they have opened up access to direct publishers like myself to add TV channels because they all need content, content and content and new content.

In 2018, I was excited by the opportunity and now I have three channels on Roku and Amazonfire and growing. So it isn't hard. There are TV channels, standards to agree to and technical requirements that sometimes seem geeky. But I'm planning two more channels in 2020. So no, the streaming TV networks are actively looking for new TV, good quality produced content. They want your content. And as you can see, there's my three channels, as I mentioned before.

So is it hard to produce a TV show? Well, that's another myth. It is actually fairly easy if you do it strategically. I think most people have had experience with the challenge of being on Zoom, and that isn't my secret using Zoom, my TV show is me, myself and I as the crew. And I'll show you how easy it is to produce a TV show as I'm doing this training. So I'm going to show you my software. So write it down. It's not really a secret, but I don't know why, why, why they they just don't promote themselves enough.

Expert broadcaster at Xsplit.com. It is a broadcasting software and it'll do live streaming. And of course I'm recording right now. I'm not live streaming right now. I'm recording this just for you. And it is the software that I use. So on it's back to me and that's my secret. It's inexpensive. It can live stream, it can broadcast, you can use it with Zoom. It's inexpensive for the power it has. I

had to record it myself with a video because otherwise you get that horrible well, anyway, telescoping things when you try and record something. So here we go. Here's behind the scenes of Xsplit. So we'll do a quick scene behind the scenes for Xsplit. This is what it looks like behind the scenes. You set up these scenes and then you can just change each scene by pushing a button. So let's go back to the original. There we are. That's where my original is. And then we went to this studio scene and then another button. We have my website as a scene and then we have one of my intros as a scene set up. And then we have the title scene, which we could start with, and then we have some video on another scene. So we just go clicking between the lines as we want them and we'll go back here. And today I decided to put my PowerPoint presentation into a video area. So right here is my PowerPoint presentation. And I can go and go through my PowerPoint presentation and it can be on that scene there. So there you go. It's very easy to use. And I'll enlarge the Xsplir here so that you can see the buttons in my recording. But the rest of the show will be live because it's easy to use it, split and create a training, create a show, create anything, really. So yeah, I love Xsplit.

So let's get on with the training. So yeah I recorded that another day obviously and yeah it's not hard to use Xsplit. It's easy. So I'm going to continue on. I think I got rid of that myth as well, but then I tend to be confident. I hope I have. So as you can see I can do a TV show without any help crew or expensive equipment. I'm doing this one live except for that demo and I'm creating this training was Xsplit. So the production of a TV show can be done by you. Are you on your own? And you can invite guests on, of course, with Zoom.

So let's try myth number three. It's a lot of work and a lot of time to leverage a TV show production for your business. As you can see from the Easy TV show blueprint, planning your TV show format, you can monetize leverage and repurpose it.

So you have to look at the goal of how you want to use the TV show before you plan the format. So what are you going to do? Why are you doing it? What's the goal? Do you want to attract and connect with your ideal audience? Do you want to attract your ideal interviewee who may share the episode with their larger audience? Do you want to attract and connect with influencers in your niche who will promote your TV, their TV show appearance to their audience, whether it's on TV or podcast or other platforms? Planning the TV show format is critical. And as you can see from the five easy steps from creating a TV show blueprint, you can also look at how publish it as well as how to promote it and how to repurpose it, so we're not going to talk about that today so much because we'll have trainings on that separately before we go into more detail on the five steps. But basically, it is critical in order to have an easy TV show blueprint to plan it beforehand and decide what you're going to use it for so you can leverage your TV show to connect with others.

As was mentioned before, you can also repurpose your TV show if you design it the format correctly and simply you can use it as a podcast, you can use it for social media, you can use snippets from it. You can go on to Medium.com. You can put it on your website or your YouTube channel. You can be everywhere. So the Easy TV show blueprint is very important to getting your message out there everywhere, because you can even with one TV show episode, you can create it and format it and use it everywhere by planning your TV show format to make it easy to monetize, easy to leverage.

So, yeah, as you can see from the easy TV show Blueprint Strategy, strategically planning your TV show format can make it easy to monetize, leverage and repurpose. So as far as I'm concerned, I have solved that problem.

But here's another secret. You could have your own TV channel and lease TV space to others for their TV shows on your TV channel to monetize it so you don't have to even probably produce a TV show. If you can find the people who are interested in having a TV show on your TV channel and you can lease this space to them. A streaming TV format allows for the ability for a TV channel to have TV show spots for others who want to have a TV show on your TV channel. So let's look at my channel. So let's just have a look. I had to actually physically take my camera out and take a picture of the TV screen because you cannot do this in on the Internet. So this is what it Roku looks like. You have rows of shows, episodes and categories for those shows.

And so when you have a category of brand, each show that is categorized as brand shows up in that row. So mindset is, of course, a different category and strategy is a different category. And so that's me taking the picture. And so basically so what you could do is you could have a TV channel called the Mindset Channel. And Mindset with a category for a TV show, whatever they call it, mindset for gardeners or mindset and the law of attraction. And you could lease TV shows by categories on your own TV channel so you could actually make money from your TV channel or you could sell TV show unique episodes within a category.

For example, I am creating I haven't decided on the title yet it might be Business Success TV or Entrepreneur Success TV channel. And if a person creates through my company a TV show episode, it will go up into the appropriate category onto that TV channel Entrepreneur Success channel and any time anywhere someone can watch it.

So you could lease TV shows by category on your own TV channel or you could sell, of course, those unique episodes. You could cover the cost of having your own TV channel and make it pay for itself from those who want a TV show on your channel. So, yes, I'm sure it would be very easy for you to sell a TV show episode to people because everybody wants to be on TV so you can have a strategically planned TV channel to leverage your own TV show and others. You can monetize it, leverage, repurpose it everywhere. You just have to create your plan strategically.

So here's another secret for you. It's a quick bonus secret and something I'll have to have another training on. But with the TV channel, you could have your own live streaming live TV show on your TV channel. There's another strategy, you can also just stream it live, stream it on to your TV channel at a certain time of the day every week. So, for example, this could be at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, streaming on my TV channel because of the technology developed with my network. You can have your own custom RTMP link, which is a real time messaging protocol like you've seen on our Facebook Live or YouTube they mentioned . And when you broadcast, which means you broadcast live on your TV channel as many times as you want, very important. Without being charged for bandwidth or being dependent on Facebook or YouTube to broadcast. You can also use that RTMP to broadcast on all the social media platforms. You could have a live TV show weekly on your TV channel. You can get more detail, of course, if you want to chat with me later. But just a hint. If you want to think about it on the power of live streaming, you could have a streaming TV channel and it's become very popular with churches and fitness centers to use for live broadcasting their ceremonies or classes. So that's my quick bonus number for secret.

So let's get on giving you a few secrets. But here's what your business would look like with a TV show. Imagine your presence not just on your TV channel, but when your featured on other TV shows or podcasts because of being seen everywhere. You could not only have fresh leads every day, but you gain the credibility of being on worldwide TV. Your brand and authority will increase. And when you promote your own TV channel as well as the other platforms that you have it on, because I have an ultimate TV channel system where you're leveraging your channel all over the Internet.

Anyway, we'll talk about that later.

So you can be seen as an expert in their field and stand out from your competition and your brand and authority will increase when you can promote your TV channel as well. On the other platforms you've been on, you'll be seen as an expert in the field and stand out from your competition. You will be the expert, the authority who wants to share their message and mission while getting more leads and clients.

So here's what your business looks like with TV. you don't have to learn how to optimize video to graphics or upload your TV channel to Roku. All you need is to plan and produce a series of TV shows on your TV channel that you can leverage and repurpose on all over the Internet as well. Of course, on TV, the Visibility TV Network Broadcasting Network will do all the technical requirements to get your TV channel on streaming TV in 2021. You could have a branded Professional Quality TV channel produced with a 12 month TV show, production and marketing plan to highlight your expertise and authority, increase your visibility and increase your networking with other influencers and getting on other TV shows and podcasts. And you could be leveraging your TV show, according to the Easy TV show Blueprint onto 10 media platforms to have your business seen everywhere now.

So I might be able to help you with this now. I can't help everyone and not everyone is a good fit for TV. And of course, I'd like to invite you as well. I can't help everyone, but if you're good fit and if your concept will do well on TV or or not, if your idea is not a good concept for me and my team, I'll let you know. And likely I'll give you some advice on how you can achieve what you want.

And of course, if if you are good fit to explode your visibility and your credibility and your presence and leads with TV, we can talk about how we can work together to get your TV show or TV channel launched.

So just fill out the short form below and let's schedule your chat with me. So it should be below the video. So I will be sending you some more trainings. I have a training on the TV show Blueprint, which goes into more depth on the five steps. And of course, I have other trainings on the ultimate TV channel system, so I hope you enjoy them. And let's have a chat if you're interested on having a TV show, having a TV episode, show just one or even having a TV channel, we can talk. This is Jane Gardner. And thank you for listening.