TV Regulations For Channel Content Providers for Roku and AmazonFire

For the Visibility Broadcasting TV Network, we like to follow the regulations and requirements of Roku and AmazonFire (and the Federal Trade Commission)  as it is a privilege to be on their network.

You can go read the regulations and requirements for Roku here.

But I'll give you a summary here of what the VBTVn wants any hosted TV Show or TV Channel to be on our network.

  1. You will not provide or use materials in connection with this Agreement, including within Your Properties, that: (a) incite violence, place individuals or groups in imminent harm, or are otherwise unlawful or encouraging of illegal activity; (b) infringe or violate third party rights, including any person’s privacy rights or right of publicity; (c) constitute pornography; (d) facilitate gambling; (e) manipulate or are intended to manipulate search, discovery or recommendation tools (e.g., contain false, irrelevant or misleading information); or (f) do not comply with Roku’s applicable conditions.
  2. VBTVn does not allow TV Shows or TV Channels that are "made for kids" as there is too much hassle to follow the regulations and there are too many laws to comply with to make having a children's channel worthwhile.
  3. VBTVn does not have an advertising or ads policy as the channel is not designed technically for advertising companies to put on ads. It's a hassle!
  4. Roku does require any TV Show episode to be about 20 minutes long as they will (they have the right to) add a brief ad at the 15 minute mark that we have no control on the content. However, as noted in 1., they will not be providing inappropriate ad content from their advertisers.
  5. Roku and Amazonfire will both expect an active Privacy Policy for your TV Channel linked in setup and phone number. They are becoming vigilant about privacy and data handling rules like the Californa etc.. see   ..s
  6. Prior to publishing any application on the Roku Platform, you will provide a link to your privacy policy for Roku and its affiliates to display, and you will ensure that your privacy policy can be accessed through this link at all times.
  7. Like a lot of businesses, they expect that you own all rights to your content.
  8. You represent, warrant and covenant that (a) you have (and will continue to have at all times during the Term) all intellectual property rights, including all necessary rights and licenses under patent, trademark, trade secret and copyright, in and to all materials provided or used by you.
  9. You are responsible for and will pay all required royalties, public performance license fees, mechanical rights royalty or license fees, music synchronization and master license fees, guild fees, residuals and similar amounts arising from any tv show.
  10. Some good news. You are allowed to use the Roku logo in that you can download their logos without alteration and display on your website and promotional material with some restrictions. You can see what you can use at
  11. As you are on Television and you are subject to regulations of the TV industry, you need to comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, orders, other requirements of governmental agencies, and industry self-regulatory guidelines (collectively, “Applicable Law(s)”), including (where applicable) the Video Privacy Protection Act, the General Data Protection Regulation, the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”), the California Privacy Rights Act (“CPRA”), the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”), and the Children's Advertising Review Unit (“CARU”) guidelines.  Roku and its affiliates may take reasonable and appropriate steps to ensure your compliance.

So whether on Roku or AmazonFire, you can see that keeping your TV Channel simple is the best way to have fun!

We will be discussing your vision for a TV Show and/or a TV Channel so you are welcome to ask questions and we can plan your TV Channel together.

There are graphics and text needed to create the TV Channel as well, you have to make choices on Countries you want to be in (if your videos are in English, it is best to leave it on English speaking countries). There will be a checklist to prepare your TV Channel as well as a form to answer a few questions but usually it can be approved by Roku or Amazonfire if you keep it simple.

So let's get on to the requirements to create a Roku or AmazonFire channel here.