So excited you've made the commitment to have a TV Show episode up on Business Success TV Channel!

Let's Get Started!

Let's book a call together to find out what video you have you might want to create into a TV Show or whether you want me to interview you about your business etc.


As well, I'll give you ideas of the few requirements for Roku TV;

For example, what graphics and video I need to upload to create the TV Show so that you can get the materials together to submit.

Book a call here at

If you would prefer an interview, I have a Spotlight on Business Success TV Channel Form you can fill in with topic you want to talk about etc. at Spotlight on Business Success TV Channel

You can fill in the Business Success TV Channel Form for the 30-minute TV Show episode and if there any questions on the Form or setup, email me at or I can answer on the call.

To get you started, please know that you will only need:

  • a 15-30 minute video (mp4)  (I can add an intro BSTV outro if needed)
  • a 800 x 450 pixel graphic for the Thumbnail  with Title of Show
  • a description in text format (no links) of the TV Show
  • a Title for the Show (text)
  • a Category (it can be the name of the show, topic (podcasting, procrastination, productivity, entrepreneurial etc. ) as it will designate the ROW in which your SHOW will be placed (think Netflix drama, comedy, horror rows if you have seen the Netflix channel).

If you need any ideas on how to create an easy TV Show format, you can check out the 5 Steps to an Easy TV Show Blueprint. PLAN.