Why to have your Business on On Demand Streaming TV

1st Video and " Three reasons why you should have a TV show!"

6 Video Training on Why to have a TV Show in your Business

On these trainings you will learn reasons to have a TV Show as well as we will break any MYTHS on how hard it is to produce, publish a TV SHOW.

  1. 3 Reasons to have a TV SHOW

  2. Myth #1 - Its hard to get onto TV

  3. Myth #2 - Its hard to produce a TV show

  4. Myth #3 - It is a lot of work and time to produce a TV Show

  5. Secret 1 - Broadcaster Software

  6. Secret 2 - Easy TV Show Blueprint

  7. Secret 3 - Ultimate TV Channel System

  8. Secret 4 - Live TV

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TRANSCRIPT FROM VIDEO for those who like to read.

Hello, this is Jane Gardner and welcome to Ultimate TV Channel System. On today's show, we're going to talk about why you should have a TV Show right about now. Welcome, welcome, welcome. This is Jane Gardner and welcome to the ultimate TV channel system. On today's training, we're going to be talking about the Easy TV show blueprint. I know I help entrepreneurs like yourself develop a TV show blueprint that can be monetized, leveraged and brand you as an influencer.

Yes, I know with your own TV show. So let's get started on our presentation and I'm going to be hanging out with you. So you're stuck with me. So let's get started. So I know what you're thinking. You've got a TV show is a lot of work and a lot of money to do. But I'm going to show you a few secrets and strategies to have an easy TV show growing your business. So let's get started. I know you're curious how easy it is.

So on today's training, I'm going to prove to you how easy it is to have your own TV show. So I have three shows on Amazon Fire and Roku. They are the business of home based business TV, HomebizstartupTV and my passion, which is personal development, Finding your Purpose TV.

Imagine if you could have a TV studio like mine where you push a button. OK, to your next studio, where there's some video all lined up and ready to view right now, it looks like a picture, but if we wait a little while, it'll be video as well.

You can look at trainings. We'll do a quick scene behind the scenes. You can have videos, details, and, of course, you can do a presentation like I'm doing. Now, imagine if you could do this all the time. Just whip from one studio to the next and boom, you are now at the next studio.

One of the 3 secrets to having an easy TV show in your business is some special software I will talk about in a minute. But the truth of the matter is, right now, I am sitting in my basement, believe it or not, and we are going to prove that to you with a green screen. So as I said, anyone can do this. It's easy. I'm sitting in my basement using about 10 foot by 10 foot area of my basement, and I have a studio, which I think is pretty good looking. So there I have proved to you how easy it is. And so let's go. And before I tell you the secrets of how to have an easy TV show, let me tell you three reasons why you should have a TV show.

OK, so there's so much noise on the Internet now. Too many Web sites, too many opt in pages, too many influencers competing for attention. Streaming TV like Roku, Amazon and Apple TV are new media platforms that are growing exponentially right now. And they have a worldwide audience that is almost separate from the Internet. You don't have to be on the Internet in order to go and watch Roku or Amazon fire. They've now got enabled TVs that you can just turn it on and go to Roku. There's a worldwide audience. They're looking for entertainment education and engaging shows to watch.

Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV have over 40 million subscribers each now in 2020. And we all know why. If someone watches you on TV, you have instant credibility and authority. You're seen as a trailblazing influencer who is willing to leap in and try the new medium while your competition are left behind on the social media platforms, which sometimes go down. With the easy TV show blueprint, which you downloaded previously, you can figure out how your business can get more publicity leads and worldwide exposure that leads to potential clients searching you out as the expert.

OK, so you're still thinking a TV show is too hard to put together, too much work and too much time.

So I'm going to prove to you how easy it can be to have a TV show put together. So let's say, first off, the myth that it's hard to get on TV. Well, I think I've already proven to you that I am already have channels on Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV. So obviously it's easy. They are , Roku Amazon fire and AppleTV ,are creating and buying good quality TV shows as you all know from your looking and watching them and bingeing and they have opened up access to direct publishers like myself to add TV channels because they all need content, content and content and new content.

In 2018. I was excited by the opportunity and now I have three channels on Roku and Amazon fire and growing. So it isn't hard. There are TV channels, standards to agree to and technical requirements that sometimes seem geeky. But I'm planning two more channels in 2020. So no, the streaming TV networks are actively looking for new TV, good quality produce content. They want your content. And as you can see, there's my three channels, as I mentioned before.

Hope you enjoyed the training and to download the Easy TV show Blueprint you can go to http://jgtips.com/easy.