Why to have a TV Show Strategy Episode 2


Hello this is Jane Gardner and welcome to Ultimate TV Channel System. On today's show, we're going to talk about why you should have a TV Show right about now.

So is it hard to produce a TV show? Well, that's another myth. It is actually fairly easy if you do it strategically. I think most people have had experience with the challenge of being on Zoom, and that isn't my secret. Using Zoom, my TV show is me, myself and I as the crew.

And I'll show you how easy it is to produce a TV show as I'm doing this training. So I'm going to show you my software. So write it down. It's not really a secret, but I don't know why, why, why. They just don't promote themselves enough Xsplit.com. It is a broadcasting software and it'll do live streaming. And of course I'm recording right now. I'm not live streaming right now. I'm recording this just for you. And it is the software that I use. So let's go back to me. And that's my secret. It's inexpensive. It can live stream, it can broadcast. You can use it with Zoom. It's inexpensive for the power it has. And I'll show you how it works behind the scenes. I had to record it myself with a video because otherwise you get that horrible telescoping things when you try and record something. So here we go.

Here's behind the scenes of Xsplit. So we'll do a quick scene behind the scenes for Xsplit. This is what it looks like behind the scenes. You set up these scenes and then you can just change each scene by pushing a button. So let's go back to the original. And here we are. That's where my original is. And then we went to this studio scene and then another button. We have my website as a scene and then we have one of my intros as a scene set up.

And then we have the title scene, which we could start with, and then we have some video on another scene. So we just go clicking between the ones as we want them and we'll go back here. And today I decided to put my PowerPoint presentation into a video area. So right here is my PowerPoint presentation. And I can go and go through my PowerPoint presentation and it can be on that scene there. So there you go. It's very easy to use. And I'll enlarge the Xsplit here so that you can see the buttons in my recording. But the rest of the show will be live because it's easy to use it, split and create a training, create a show, create anything, really. So yeah, I love Xsplit and yeah so let's get on with the training. So yeah I recorded that another day obviously and yeah it's not hard to use but it's easy. So I'm going to continue on.

I think I got rid of that myth as well, but then I tend to be confident. I hope I have. Hope you enjoyed the training and to download the easy TV show blueprint. You can go to http://jgtips.com/easy.