How to Publish an Easy TV SHOW

This is a Training where I review what you do after you have produced your easy TV SHOW

Hello is Jane again, and today we're going to be looking at publishing, this will bring be brief, but it will, I hope, answer a few of your questions on publishing your TV show now that it is done. So let's get started. So now we're going to publish the TV show Blueprint. So now you have to edit the video and audio of your TV show in case you have a few flubs in the episode and check that you have good quality sound.

You can invest in a virtual assistant and they can do all the work for you, or you can invest in Camtasia 2020, which is what I do because I use it for many other things other than my TV show. Or you can use, there is a new free video editor at Vimeo. You could use for editing out flubs and you can also use Open Shot Video editor. That's free. You have to do some of the training, I guess, first to figure out how to use it as well as Hit Film Express is a free video editor that you could try and see if you enjoy it, to use it for editing your video and taking out the audio because you want, of course, to take out a copy of the audio and use it for a podcast as well.

You can use the audio and put it into a transcription software or do the transcription yourself. Excuse me, but anyway, then you need to be able to pull out your audio. I think there's actually one place you can actually on the Internet as well you can just upload a video and it takes out the audio for you.

But anyway, there's so many places these days, you can do these things for free and then you need to create a Thumbnail and a Description for Roku and Amazon Fire and Apple TV based on their specifications, which we could go into more detail another time. And then the video, plus the thumbnail description is added and uploaded to the streaming TV platform. And you find out what day it will be live because, of course, any of these platforms, they only have certain publishing days.

Then you create a press release for your TV show and you can put in some video snippets in your press release to get people interested in the TV show itself as well. You can give to your interviewee for their promotion and any sponsors and advertisers for their use. Of course, the video, if you wish to, you don't have to, of course. And of course, that's one thing that I haven't mentioned, is there is some paperwork when it comes to putting things on TV. One of them, of course, is a Model Release where you lay out the rules for how you're going to use the video and the person who is coming onto your show has to sign it in order to be on the show and release the the use of their image, of course, on the show. But that's for another time as well.

So basically, a lot of the publishing of your TV show is up to the Direct Publisher like myself. But there's a few things here that need to be done by the owner of the TV show. So there you go. Publishing is pretty easy because now it's going to be you're going to have to try and figure out what day it's released so that you can promote it. So if you're interested in talking to me now, you can go to and book a time to talk to me about your TV show you're interested in doing.