Why to have your Business on On Demand Streaming TV Episode 6

Hello, this is Jane Gardner and welcome to Ultimate TV Channel System. On today's show, we're going to talk about why you should have a TV show in your business. Right about now. So let's get on giving you a few secrets, but here's what your business would look like with a TV show. Imagine your presence not just on your TV channel, but when you are featured on other TV shows or podcasts because of being seen everywhere, you could not only have fresh leads every day, but you gain the credibility of being on worldwide TV. Your brand and authority will increase. And when you promote your own TV channel as well as the other platforms that you have it on, because I have an ultimate TV channel system where you're leveraging your channel all over the Internet. Anyway, we'll talk about that later.

So you can be seen as an expert in the field and stand out from your competition and your brand and authority will increase when you can promote your TV channel as well. On the other platforms you have been on, you'll be seen as an expert in the field and stand out from your competition. You will be the expert, the authority who wants to share their message and mission while getting more leads and clients.

So here's what your business looks like with TV. You don't excuse me. You don't have to learn how to optimize video to graphics or upload your TV channel to Roku. All you need is to plan and produce a series of TV shows on your TV channel or that you can leverage and repurpose on all over the Internet as well.

Of course, on TV, the Visibility TV Network Broadcasting Network will do all the technical requirements to get your TV channel on streaming TV in 2021. You could have a branded professional quality TV channel produced with a 12 month TV show, production and marketing plan to highlight your expertise and authority, increase your visibility and increase your networking with other influencers and getting on other TV shows and podcasts. And you could be leveraging your TV show, according to the Easy TV show Blueprint onto 10 media platforms to have your business seen everywhere now.

So I might be able to help you with this now. I can't help everyone and not everyone is a good fit for TV. And of course, I'd like to invite you as well. I can't help everyone, but if you're good fit and if your concept will do well on TV or or not, if your idea is not a good concept for TV or for me and my team, I'll let you know and likely I'll give you some advice on how you can achieve what you want.

And of course, if if you are good fit to explode your visibility and your credibility and your presence and leads with TV, we can talk about how we can work together to get your TV show or TV channel launched fast. So just fill out the short form below and let's schedule your chat with me. So it should be below the video.

I will be sending you some more trainings. I have a training on the TV show Blueprint, which goes into more depth on the five steps. And of course, I have other trainings on the ultimate TV channel system, so I hope you enjoy them. And let's have a chat if you're interested on having a TV show, having a TV episode, show just one or even having a TV channel, we can talk. This is Jane Gardner. And thank you for listening. Hope you enjoyed the training and to download the easy TV show blueprint you can go to http://jgtips.com/easy.