About the Ultimate TV Channel System

What is the Ultimate TV Channel System?


Hi, As mentioned before, I'm Jane Gardner and I am a TV Producer with three Streaming TV Channels today 🙂 

From my experience with Streaming TV and on the Internet, I realized that there is a system that can make working with having a TV Show in your business easier so I train on it here!   So, let's take a brief look at the Ultimate TV Channel System.

Let me outline the Ultimate TV Channel System™ briefly here and explain how it will make you work less with a TV Channel with great benefits!

Ultimate TV Channel System™ is a combination of systems and knowledge which combined together can give you a system that has monetary, leveraging and content product and re-purposing as well as network benefits.

So in  the Ultimate TV Channel System

Module One 

  • Monetize TV Channel Mastery

Module Two

  • Easy TV Show Blueprint

Module Three

  • Power of Broadcasting Software

Module Four

  • Broadcast Live Everywhere

Module Five

  • Your TV Channel Everywhere


Module One  - Monetize TV Channel Mastery

Monetization is exciting because besides a new advertising platform there are several ways to monetize.

So, when you have a TV Channel, you are the controller of that TV Channel as to what TV Shows appear and each Episode could be a TV Show or you could have a TV Show with several episodes or TV Show with several episodes of different topics.  But most important for monetization, if you can get other businesses to have a TV Show on your TV Channel, they can pay for their TV Show on your Channel whether it is a one-time fee, regular recurring episode or they get excited at opportunity and have different TV Shows on your Channel.

With the right marketing, you could be an owner CEO of a TV Channel and never have to produce any TV Shows on that channel.

Module Two - Easy TV Show Blueprint 

Easy TV Show Blueprint is a strategy to develop TV SHOW Blueprint that your business can monetize, leverage and re-purpose for your business and feel free to download the Blueprint here! 

Module Three - Power of Broadcasting Software

Power of Broadcasting Software - Well, you can produce and publish a TV Show without this software but we go over the power of the software to make it easier to produce TV Show, livestream and re-stream so your business can be seen everywhere.

Module Four- Broadcast Live Everywhere

How to Broadcast Live Everywhere - No good if you create a TV Show and no one sees it -  so we look at strategies to broadcast live and re-broadcast everywhere either when TV Show is released or later. This makes marketing your business easy as you can broadcast to over 10 or more platforms at the same time.

Your TV Channel Everywhere

Finally you've created this Strategic TV Show format such that you can re-purpose all or parts of your Show content into a monthly or weekly Podcast, Videocast, Magazine article on Medium and on your website using Scheduling software.

So One TV Show strategic format can give you content for social media and other platforms for a month all scheduled and released without a lot of work or time on your part.

The result:  Your Business is seen everywhere now and forever!