To have own TV CHANNEL and 52 week plan for TV SHOW Episodes plus Monetize, Leverage Repurpose Strategy to be seen EVERYWHERE NOW!

1st Step - Benefits and Features of the Streaming TV platforms

What is Streaming TV?

How does the Streaming TV channel work?

What are the video requirements for Streaming TV?

What are the legal requirements for Streaming TV?

What are the Broadcasting Advertising Requirements and Benefits of Streaming TV?

Streaming TV Checklist and How-To's before Production TV Show 

Streaming TV Checklist for TV Show Production

2nd Step - Monetization Strategies for your TV Channel

Your TV CHANNEL is an Asset for your Business 

Attracting Clients to your TV CHANNEL 

Leasing to Clients their own TV SHOW on your TV CHANNEL 



3rd Step-Easy TV SHOW Blueprint Program

Plan, Produce, Publish, Promote, Re-purpose


What is Xsplit or OBS broadcasting software

How to use Xsplit or OBS to produce a TV Show 

Other strategies for Xsplit broadcasting livestreaming software 


How to use Broadcasting Software to broadcast Everywhere

How to use Broadcasting Software to interview, train or entertain 

Other Broadcasting software to use 

Other Re-Streaming Software to broadcast live and Schedule TV Shows 

Your OWN  LIVE TV Streaming component BONUS  of a TV Channel 

How to use a Livestreaming Custom RTMP feed for Livestreaming anywhere

6th Step - Your TV SHOW EVERYWHERE - Re-Purposing your TV Show on other Platforms


  Now it is on TV Channel, what next ?

  Live and Re-broadcasting  on TV Channel strategy 


   How to setup Videos

    Live broadcasting to Website setup 


   Setup and Launch your Podcast 

   Setup Libsyn to broadcast to 18 platforms 

   Setup on other podcast platforms 

    Re-broadcast and Re-purpose your Podcast 


   Medium.com Profile and  Magazine and its benefits -monetize, leverage and re-purpose ! 

   How to setup Medium and Medium Magazine and get paid

    How to promote Medium Magazine and leverage by inviting others to write articles!

Youtube/FB LIVE 

   How to setup Youtube Channel/Facebook Page(s)

  How to use Custom RTMP feed for broadcasting 

Social Media 

    Make it easy, Schedule calendar 

   Make it easy, use Scheduling software 

   Make it easy use Livestreaming and Restreaming software strategy

At end of 13 weeks, your business should have strategy and/or setup of TV Channel 

  • TV Studio Setup
  • TV Show Concept(s)
  • TV Show Format
  • Your TV Channel Strategic Business Plan

Between 13 and 20 weeks

  • TV Show Production(s) (3 -minimum to set up TV Channel, so one can be an interview about your business )
  • TV CHANNEL setup with Graphics and 3 shows uploaded for LIve Channel on Roku with it to come to AmazonFire

In 20 weeks, 


  • Your branded WEBSITE for TV CHANNEL as required by Roku and Amazonfire
  • Your own BRANDED TV CHANNEL on ROKU and Amazonfire  with 3 shows setup (need three minimum to get Roku approval)
  • Your own branded ready to launch Podcast and Videocast
  • Your own Medium Magazine for TV Channel content.
  • Your own Youtube channel for TV Channel content
  • Facebook Page (s)  for TV Channel plus re-broadcasting schedule for TV Show content
  • Linkedin Showcase Page for your TV Channel and Company (if required) Page
  • Pinterest Branded TV Channel Board

Marketing - Broadcasting 12 month PLAN

  • TV SHOW (TV CHANNEL) PRODUCTION schedule for 52 weeks
  • TV SHOW (TV CHANNEL)  tentative Press release schedule for 52 weeks
  • Strategically designed TV SHOW(s) format with re-purposing, re-streaming and broadcasting live on social media all from one TV Show format.
  • Trello Board Scheduler for TV Show content standard for one month of social media content to be released.