Live Event Masterclass with Xsplit

Are you planning to do a live event in the future on location? Have you considered using a powerful Broadcasting software like Xsplit to do interview and panel discussions on site?

Check out this Xsplit Masterclass and learn about how easy it is to setup a on-location Live Event.


Everything you need to know about live streaming any kind of event! Gaming, sports, remote, and in-person! Intro 00:00 Basics 01:14 Audio 02:57 Video 3:19 Pre Production 04:04 Equipment 08:44 Camera 09:56 Audio Interfaces 12:01 Lighting 13:06 Additional Items 14:51 Putting it Together 16:17 Audio and Video Routing 17:16 Audio Routing 19:36 Remote Guests 20:58 XSplit Setup 22:22 XSplit Audio 23:06 XSplit Video Sources 23:52 Broadcast Design 25:03 Broadcast Management 26:16 Additional Tips 26:58 Streaming Settings 27:31 Recording 29:29 Streaming is a Blowup 30:17 Start using XSplit today! XSplit Broadcaster ➜ XSplit VCam ➜ =========================================== 

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