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What needs to be Broadcast Quality for Streaming TV

Step in Front of the Camera

So what do you think needs to be best quality to make your broadcast get a Star rating?

Your look, your background, your camera quality, your sound or ?

Over the last year on Zoom we have seen:

Celebrities with grainy internet feed unkempt, no makeup and sitting in their bedroom in lockdown because they can’t get their makeup and tech done but we still listen to them.

We have talked to family over the internet while they struggle to figure out how to turn on the camera.

Unable to connect to a Zoom broadcast, we get out our landline phone and get a reliable connection to do business.

Yes, Sound leads to communication and the transfer of knowledge and business.

If your Sound isn’t working then time to hangup and dial your phone. So over the next week, we will be looking at Sound as 1st priority.

1. How quality of sound can affect your success in business.

2. Recommended minimum microphone quality

3. What is Gain and other settings on microphone and why that is important

4. How to sweeten your sound so it is awesome!

5. How you can edit and improve your Sound with free software

So over the next weeks we will first look at tips and tricks to improve your Sound, Your Image, your Camera and software to use to make your Broadcast professional enough you could use for a TV show!

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