Just Do It

Step in Front of the Camera – Memories! 2014 I did my 30 day video challenge in 2014!
Just taking the first step and getting in front of the camera can be intimidating.
It was so intimidating that I didn’t realize until afterwards that the fluorescent lighting would make me yellow!
Tip one –
Don’t step in front of the camera under fluorescent lighting! Try natural outdoor lighting -step outside or get a natural light balanced bulb in the light before you record.
As I mentioned before, you can do an unlisted Youtube Live or a private Facebook Live which no one other than you will see it.
Be imperfect.
Tip Two – Just do it! Do 30 days of recording yourself on camera. Check out the lighting, sound and locations and make notes but just do it. Don’t stop one day – do 30 days -even if you are so busy that you can’t do a video till midnight ; even if it is fluorescent lighting or you have a cold. The point to the challenge is to do it, it isn’t too be perfect or even for the video to be interesting! It is to just get used to MAKING you HIT that LIVE Button! #video #broadcast #visibility #ultimatetvchannelsystem

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