Step out in front of the Camera series

So, let’s talk about the Elephant in the Room – Why you aren’t on Camera – you know who you are….. you want to convey your message and mission but heaven forbid, you step in front of the camera!
You and I may not be this girl in the photo but she is there to remind me to be imperfect and get in front of the camera!
When I am on camera, I don’t use makeup.
I should.
Makeup helps to make eyes stand out and skin be even and smooth. In the old movies, you can see the heavy white makeup actors had to wear for in front of the camera.
But I want to prove that anyone can get on camera.
You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to have unblemished skin. You don’t have to have perfect hair. You can have crooked teeth. You can have a lisp or slur certain words.
I am in my 60’s and aging rapidly but I continue to be on camera.
Because my mission is too important and I want to empower you to be bold and be on camera.
Our imperfections make us human.
I think over the last year when celebrities had lousy Zoom connections or makeup mishaps, we realized there is no such thing as perfection.
So step out and get public in front of the camera.
Do a 30 day video challenge and turn your phone or webcam on and do 10 minute Youtube Live or Facebook Live private or unlisted broadcast. Adjust your light and find a easy place to do it. Try to talk about a subject for 30 days even when you aren’t feeling well and you will get confident in front of the camera. For more tips and resources, go to my Facebook group linked in the photo. BE BOLD! #television #broadcast #ultimatetvchannelsystem

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