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3 Reasons a TV show is hot right now!

3 Reasons why a TV Show is hot right now

There is so much noise on the internet now and too many website and too many optin pages and too many  influencers competing for your audience’s attention on the internet. Sometimes, it feels like pushing a boulder up a hill to get anyone’s attention on the internet.

1. There is a new audience worldwide looking for new shows to watch.

Streaming TV platforms like Roku, AmazonFire and Apple TV are new media platforms that are growing exponentially right now.  They are media platforms  “separate” from the internet with a worldwide audience looking for entertainment, education and engaging shows to watch.  Since the pandemic, Roku, Amazon Fire and Apple TV have grown their subscribers from over 40 million each to 50 million in 3 years of binge-watching habits of streaming television.

2. Be seen as the Trailblazer Expert

If someone watches you on TV, you have instant credibility and authority. You are seen as a trailblazer  influencer who is willing to leap in and try the new medium while your competition are left behind on  the internet social media platforms.

3. The same technology you use for internet video you can use for streaming television

It is easier than before to create a Television Show for streaming television because the same mp4 video you create for the internet you can now use mp4 video for streaming television. There isn’t a $10,000 studio to create a TV show. You can create a TV show from lights, good webcam and computer in  your studio.

Okay so you’re still thinking T.V. Show is too hard to put together and it is too much work and too much time. So, I’m going to prove to you how easy it can be as I have a free  training here to watch…….on planning a TV Show.

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