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Real Estate Companies can Reach a Worldwide Audience

Looking to sell exclusive real estate properties to a worldwide audience? Video Tours and Zoom calls can get you new clients to make a decision on what to buy without being there? What reach you would have if your realtor company had a Television Channel! With a TV Channel on Roku and AmazonFire, how easy […]


Fitness or Yoga Studio Owners a TV Channel is great promotional and reach new audience part of your business

Your Fitness Studio below capacity and the restrictions not allowing the volume of clients to create a stable business? Your clients have wandered out of your sphere of routine attendance at your Yoga Studio?  You struggle to use Zoom to create the engaging routines that connects with your current clients? How would it feel to […]


A TV Channel is a great place to promote your School and reach your alumni

Ra, Ra, insert School song here!  Keep your School brand and team support from alumni growing with a TV Channel. A School, University, College or Institution can keep your alumni engaged with a TV Channel showcasing the sports team, alumni events and ways to support the organization keeping your School “top of mind” . Having […]


Book Publishers profile your up and coming authors with your own TV Channel

As a Book Publisher have you realized that today you  could have a TV Channel on Roku and AmazonFire that could promote, educate and attract new audience to your Author List? Did you know that you could do Virtual Book Tour or Book Event or Author workshops  on your TV Channel for your authors all […]


Film or Multimedia Producers can promote their product and services

Netflix™ anyone!? Have you ever thought of having your own TV Channel to broadcast your film productions without having to get a TV network executive interested in what you do? How attractive would it be to investors to know your TV production could be seen by international audience anytime on demand? Shorts, long film, documentaries […]


Travel Companies can promote itself and reach new audiences

Travel Companies can have a TV Channel to promote the Travel packages they are selling while educating a new audience and profiling new and exciting travel destinations on your audience’s living room TV.  Excite and educate people about destinations in your business while being funded from sponsorships from airlines or hotels and tourism bureaus from […]


Faith based Organizations can increase their reach with a TV Channel

Faith based organizations are now using their own TV show broadcast on their own TV Channel now on Roku and Amazonfire. For your parishoners or followers who can’t make it to your live service they can watch it anytime on a TV Channel. A TV CHANNEL can: Provide an easy-to-use opportunity for elderly, sick or […]


Associations can open new markets with a TV Channel

Are you an Association or Chamber of Commerce who wants to grow your membership? Does your group want to have added benefit for your members that will make new members eager to join? Do you want to grow your membership beyond your local area? With your own TV Channel, you can: profile and promote the […]


Local Brick and Mortar have a TV Show to Attract New Customers

What would it be like to be able to share your knowledge on a TV Show where you share tips and techniques for anyone watching to take action and they get results! As a Local Business with a Brick and Mortar Store, you haven’t been on the internet that much but you know you need […]


Consultant a TV Show will Showcase your Expertise and attract your clients

  What would it be like to be able to share your knowledge on a TV Show where you share tips and techniques for anyone watching to take action and they get results! As a consultant, you have to “prove” your expertise in order for someone to know, like and trust you enough to know […]

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