Film or Multimedia Producers can promote their product and services

Netflix™ anyone!?

Have you ever thought of having your own TV Channel to broadcast your film productions without having to get a TV network executive interested in what you do?

How attractive would it be to investors to know your TV production could be seen by international audience anytime on demand?

Shorts, long film, documentaries or multimedia presentations all can be exclusive, high quality productions on a TV channel.

You could create a co-operative of film producers to create a series of TV Shows on your TV Channel sponsored or supported by Grant money from Government Film Production funds.

So many possibilities for sponsorship, advertising money, show funding or cooperatives to help fund the expense of the TV Channel.

Your TV Channel could be like Vimeo™ On Demand which offers a showcase of new  films that can be purchased directly from the filmmaker.

With your own TV Channel, you can:

  1. profile and promote Filmmakers and do NEWS  about your activities, events and workshops on a TV Channel
  2. reach out to a larger market with an international audience
  3. you can have as a benefit or ask for promotional fee for other filmmakers to showcase their business on your Channel
  4. you can approach sponsors to pay a fee for ads on your TV Channel
  5. you can have additional revenue by selling 30 second ads and TV Shows on your TV Channel

As you can see a TV Channel  can make you revenue, attract sponsors and create more awareness for your Film or Multimedia company  in your local and international community.

As a Personal Development Associate, I am doing “Finding Your Purpose TV” for viewers to bring awareness that their personality may affect their success in business. As well, I want to connect with other coaches or trainers or experts to share their wisdom about personality. Besides doing this TV Channel  as a service, as a purpose that I feel i need to do to bring awareness to how your personality can affect your relationships with family, co-workers or friends, I want to be seen as an expert who knows what she is talking about such that others will listen to me and take action and get help to “find their purpose.”

Now I also interviewed experts on how they “found their purpose” and besides the value of the content, I also could have asked for referrals to other experts to interview or connect in my business so I am connecting and growing my network with the TV show.

Now with a TV Show there are over 40 million subscribers on Roku and Amazon Fire who are looking for content to watch. There is an international reach with the United States the majority of subscribers but moving into more markets and four languages English French Portuguese and Spanish

You could have celebrity status, in comparison to your competitors,  if you use the Easy TV Show Blueprint (get here if you don’t have it) and re-purposing your TV show into other media formats including podcast, magazine or on your website.

Have you seen the “Easy TV SHOW BLUEPRINT” download? Download it here.

Feel free to talk to me about TV Show and what it takes by Scheduling a Call. 


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