step in front of camera with microphone

What needs to be Broadcast Quality for Streaming TV

Step in Front of the Camera So what do you think needs to be best quality to make your broadcast get a Star rating? Your look, your background, your camera quality, your sound or ? Over the last year on Zoom we have seen: Celebrities with grainy internet feed unkempt, no makeup and sitting in […]

non profit speaking

Are you a Non-Profit Organization who’d love to have a TV Channel to promote!

  Are you on the Board of a Non-Profit Organization and you are wondering how to connect to your audience with events and fundraisers being cancelled? Have you seen your local  news broadcaster or public broadcasting station promoting their own “app” to watch previous show episodes or catch up on the real news? Broadcasters are […]


Music Producers and Independent Musicians have your own TV Channel to showcase your music

Spotify™ no need when you have your own TV Channel! Not able to travel or book a tour right now, why not have your fans come to your TV Channel to watch performances and connect with your music. You’ve seen Netflix and binge watched so a Streaming TV Channel on Roku and Amazonfire can be […]

What is Roku today

From CordCutters News, answering some of your questions about What is Roku? What’s the Free Content Look like? What’s the Premium Content look like? Where can I watch it? What’s all this about Quibi like? The Roku Channel has over 50 million active accounts and users streamed a total of 58.7 billion hours in 2020. […]